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This field is a fast one. Players start on opposite sides of the field in their respective houses. The field has four houses, two located at the start and two more located at mid-field. Killhouse offers long running room, as well as large shooting lanes. This field is great for capture-the-flag, defend-the-house, find-the-downed-pilot, and many more.

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The name says it all! A one-sided attack-and-defend style field. With a two story RV at one end, and a maze of cars between you and the other team, this field will test your skill for sure.

Look for this field to be available Spring of 2016.

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A regulation size outdoor 5v5 speedball field. The air up bunkers are available for teams in Spring of '16.

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This is the second largest field we have. We can comfortably accommodate up to 100 players on this field. Three large 15ft. hills in the center of the field, with the rest of the bunkers set up in a circular pattern around the hills. This field allows for flanking, so don't forget to watch your back on this one.

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A fast-paced woodsball field measuring only 50ft wide and 200ft long. It is an absolute head-on battle with the other team. No flanking, no bunkering--just long, accurate shots to pick off the enemy team.

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Our woodsball field is massive, covering six acres at its max. Our largest field, great for MIL-SIM and scenario games. Offering everything from high ground and hills to dug-in trenches, and of course the creek, which snakes its way through the entire field. If you want to disappear in camo and snipe some players, this is your field. A heavy fan favorite.

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In the works:

Castle Spools Field

The Battlefield (Think Newtown)

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